Testimonials from former alumni of GET Academy and Hello English!/TET Academy (our non-profit partner) about the CertTESOL course.
“Before training with GET, I taught in China with a basic online TEFL.  My pay was atrocious and it was pretty much just a means to an end.  I certainly didn’t feel like I had the teaching skills I needed. But after earning my CertTESOL, CELT-P, and TEFL-YL in Austria, I finally felt competent and I was taken a lot more seriously.  Employers now have to convince me to work for them rather than the other way around.  I have more sway in salary negotiations too.  I am currently working in Bangkok and many of my coworkers only have that basic online TEFL.  Our salaries are pretty different, to say the least, and my employers have hinted at promotions despite my limited time with the company. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have studied with GET and I truly recommend you give it serious consideration if you too would like a significant boost in your career.” 
– Rhys Davies, UK, Feb 2018
“This practical teaching experience does everything to prepare you for life in the classroom as an EFL teacher. The variety of classroom environments throughout the program gives one an adaptability that is invaluable when applying for jobs post-qualification. The CertTESOL qualification is sought after and combined with this intense program you become a very employable teacher. When I was applying for jobs, I was able to demonstrate with an example for every answer I gave. The interviewers were also amazed by how much experience I had achieved in a short space of time. In my first job I have found I can reflect back on my time on the program to help me with what I am doing now.” 
-Emily Pape, UK, Jul 2018
“If you’re looking for a productive way of incorporating the theory of a TESOL qualification and putting real life teaching into practice, then this is 100% a super idea and organisation to choose. You’ll be able to gain knowledge during your input sessions that you can put into practice during teaching and implement in your lesson plans for your qualification. Not only do you get the opportunity to gain teaching hours and a globally recognized qualification, but you get to live as a local in Austria, traveling during weekends and experiencing the unique culture that Austria has to offer. For me this was a no brainer, you get most things included, teaching hours a qualification, live in a different country and you meet some fabulous like-minded people. On top of this for me I was also able to transfer my credits that I gained from the qualification and put it towards my studies at university, this meant I will go into second year with credits already under my belt putting me in a great position for my studies. If you are keen traveler, enthusiastic teacher and fancy something most people don’t get the opportunity to do then this is a good choice for you.” 
-Sophie Crowhurst, UK, Jul 2018
“The qualification you receive puts you right at the top in the ESL industry and the teaching experience you get is invaluable. You feel confident enough to go into any school and set up a classroom and your expectations from the class as a teacher. By the time you start a job after The GET Academy, all of this will come naturally to you as you have done this a thousand times before. This is by no means a cheesy sentiment, it comes solely from experience.  If you are thinking about doing a TEFL course, I would recommend The GET Academy over an online one or any other one out there for that matter. The GET Academy gives you real experience, produces great teachers and most of all you get to meet some right characters in the process from both staff and students.” 
-Tom, UK, Feb 2018
“I can say with great confidence that The GET Academy has provided me with the foundational knowledge and tactical skills needed for any EFL classroom. I arrived without any teaching experience, but after so many weeks of daily practice in a classroom, I not only feel capable but confident in my teaching and classroom management skills. Something special about The GET Academy is that we were exposed to different students every week–this means different ages, English levels, special educational needs, and ethnicities. The nature of the program allowed me to teach from ages 6 to 24, which was incredibly unique and critical in my development as a teacher. It gave me the ability to adapt to my students and classrooms and to be prepared for unexpected events, such as behavioral or cultural differences. It was also extremely enlightening to witness the difference in classroom engagement that active learning has over traditional teaching methods. This is something I have borrowed from The GET Academy and have successfully incorporated into my current teaching. Apart from the teaching experience I gained at The GET Academy, the academic staff here were incredible at supporting us, both academically and morally, through our growth as teachers. Observations and feedback sessions, though sometimes nerve-racking, were absolutely essential in my continual improvement. The course is rigorous, demanding, and exhausting, but the staff here go out of their way to help you through it. The GET Academy is definitely for those who possess a strong desire to improve as teachers and/or start a career in ESL teaching. The hundreds of hours of practical teaching experience puts you at an automatic advantage over other applicants in the field. The GET Academy creates the teachers that ESL schools are looking for.”
Kassandra, USA, Feb 2018
“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of teaching and learning in Austria. Not only was the course interesting and presented by top-notch teachers who are experts in their field, I also ended the course with marketable skills and a certification that literally opened doors in the job market.  This course is no working holiday: the hours are long and the work is demanding but it is also rewarding in equal measure. I got to meet and interact with school kids around Germany and Austria, as well as make friends with a diverse group of teachers from the USA, Australia, Jamaica, India, the UK and Ireland and South Africa.  This course challenged me personally (especially in terms of adapting to living abroad with a bunch of strangers) and professionally (because I learnt to be flexible, adaptable and manage my time while trying to soak up as much knowledge as I could from the brilliant teachers we had). I would recommend this course to anyone looking to have fun while learning. It will change your life for the better.”
-Cathy Marshall, S. Africa, Jul 2018