Play Games & Learn English

Kids&Teens / ages 6-16

When you attend a summer sports camp at the GET Academy you will have lots of exercise outdoors, play team sports, have fun, make new friends and learn English.

The rapid rate of globalisation is connecting the world and the common language that unites nations and people is English. This is why it is vital children develop good English language skills as being confident in the language will open many doors, at home and abroad, and is particularly important for career development.

Whether at school, or at home, most children don’t exercise enough which is why sport is so important in their physical and academic development. By playing and having fun, the brain records and is able to hold new information, like a second language, much more effectively.

Our summer sports camps take place at various locations in Austria and are hosted by native English speakers. They offer children, and teenagers, the opportunity to get active and improve their English skills while having a whole lot of fun.


Let’s Play Together

Listening  Speaking  Reading

At our summer sports camps you are introduced to cultural and sporting traditions…


Two little girls are laughing while having a water break at athletics club.

Safety First

We do everything to ensure safety at the camps and also add safety awareness skills to the training. Our coaches have extensive teaching qualifications and experience.