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TEFL Program General Questions

We are accepting participants for our next TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL) Program. The next scheduled course is April 2019 Intake: 26th April – 27th July 2019.
GET Academy provides dorm-style living within walking distance of our two campuses, Vorchdorf and Vienna. These dorms are same-gender shared bedrooms with communal kitchens and bathrooms.
You will be sharing the dorms only with other Student Teachers on your program. This allows you to form a close bond with your fellow Student Teachers, bringing the teacher development into the informal environment of the dorms and encourages you to work together to master our intense programs.
Typically, evenings and weekends are always free as well as any Austrian public holidays which occur during the duration of the program. Depending on the requirements of the EFL projects, you may be asked to relocate to another campus for a short period of time. In this case, you may be required to travel in the afternoon or on a weekend.
No – you are not required to speak any German as part of the program. If you speak German, that’s brilliant! For anything you need related to GET Academy, we will have a German-speaking member of staff available to help you.

Student Teachers spend most mornings and early afternoons teaching in Austrian schools as part of the academy’s charitable outreach initiative. Schools in Austria generally begin around 7:45am and end around 1:30pm. The school day is typically 6 lessons of 50 minutes each, usually with 5 minute breaks between each lesson and longer breaks between the 2nd and 3rd, and 4th and 5th periods. On days where you have long commutes to school (up to 90 mins), you may leave the dorms before 6am and return as late as 3:30pm. This is an extreme example and there are also many commutes that are just 30 minutes to and from the teaching practice locations – occasionally they might even literally be next door!

Some days you will be allotted professional development days on campus. These days Student Teachers are expected to be on campus and might be scheduled to man the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

Example Days:


6:30am-7:30am Travel from Campus to School

7:30am-1:30pm Teaching Practice in Schools

1:30pm-2:30pm Travel from School to Campus

2:30pm-3:30pm Lunch/One-on-one Mentoring /Supervised Lesson Planning/Group Feedback

3:30pm-5:00pm Input Session


8:00am Arrive on Campus

8:00am-10:00am Teaching Practice with the Morning VLE

10:00am-1:30pm Reading / Prep Time

1:30pm-3:30pm Teaching Practice with the Afternoon VLE

3:30pm-5:00pm Input Session

Most of the time you will be driven in a GET Academy car by staff between the campuses. Due to logistics, you may on occasion be asked to travel by train between the campuses. For this reason any luggage you bring with you should be small and light enough to carry on a train. You will be notified of any moves you will be making like this in advance.
Our Welfare staff begin their day at 7:30am. If you are ill please contact them and they will help get you to a doctor. There is always a member of staff on call over the weekend to help solve any emergencies and their contact information can be found in the Student Teacher Handbook.
The Welfare Officer is here to take care of all Student Teacher welfare needs and they take all concerns into consideration. We also have a Student Teacher warning system in order to maintain a comfortable standard of living for all.

The Course: TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL)

Fees – Tuition Fees: €495
Price includes: Trinity CertTESOL + moderation fees, TEFL-YL Certificate, over 300 hours of teaching practice, 150 hours of face-to-face training, 15 hours of observed and assessed teaching practice, all travel to and from school and the training centre, provision of teaching materials, full use of training centre facilities (printer, photocopier, library etc.), welcome lunch, graduation dinner, daily tea/coffee.
– Shared Accommodation: Included
– Printing Fee: 25 euro (payable in cash at Orientation Day)
– Deposit: 75 euro (payable in cash at Orientation Day and refundable in full on completion of the course)*
*75 euro security deposit is to cover loss/damages to supplied teaching materials and accommodation/training facilities. Security deposits are refundable in full at the end of the course provided the student teacher has not lost/damaged any materials/facilities provided to them and signed for on their student teacher usage agreement.
Note: There are no extra costs for accommodation or travel while participating in the program. *All travel to and from school is provided for the duration of the course.
The TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL): Worldwide there are only two immediately recognizable preparatory certificates for ESL teachers, the Trinity CertTESOL and the Cambridge CELTA. The CertTESOL is accredited by Ofqual, the statutory body authorised to regulate qualifications in this field in England, and the (former) British Association of TESOL Qualifying Institutions in establishing a national framework of specifications. The CertTESOL is accepted as an initial qualification by the British Council; English language teaching organisations accredited by the Council; and in their own teaching operations outside the UK.
TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL) Program: While participating in the program, student teachers will visit dozens of schools, teach hundreds of students and accrue over 300 hundred hours of teaching practice with real students (including a minimum of 15 hours of observed and assessed teaching practice). The vocational nature of the program means that there is a strong focus on practical classroom experience. The academy’s partnership with the Austrian Ministry of Education allows student teachers to put theory into practice during their teaching practice sessions at Austrian state schools and develop their theoretical knowledge of language teaching and learning from teacher training sessions at one of our three campus locations. By combining aspects of several established and respected approaches, the program aims to train new teachers to be adaptive to the contextual needs of the learners, the schools, the Austrian national curriculum, and the practices of learners’ main class teachers. Successful completion of the program will not only equip participants with the skills and qualifications to work in the ELT industry, but also instill in them the confidence and authority to be successful ELT practitioners across a variety of fields.
During Module 1, Student Teachers are introduced to the fundamentals of communicative language teaching methodology and the in-house active learning teaching program. Student Teachers learn how to manage a classroom, communicate clearly and effectively, engage and motivate students and manage behavioural issues. By starting with a practical introduction to classroom management and soft skills, Student Teachers have a unique opportunity to become used to the classroom environment before beginning the CertTESOL (Module 2). During Module 2, Student Teachers focus on learning the more theoretical elements of teaching in ESOL and apply these methods during in their vocational teaching placement. During Module 2, Student Teachers follow Trinity College of London’s CertTESOL syllabus and have their 8 observed CertTESOL lessons in Austrian schools with Austrian pupils.
For the Trinity CertTESOL, Student Teachers produce a series of written assignments during the course and complete one language awareness exam. Student Teachers must also complete a minimum of six hours assessed teaching practice with genuine learners of English. All the above must be completed to standards outlined in the TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL) Program syllabus. Student Teachers are given professional guidance and support throughout the program by their Senior Teachers and Course Tutors. At the end of the program, moderators from Trinity College London come to the academy to review Student Teacher portfolios and assess their progress.
The program will give you experience with a range of learners from primary school to adult. The program focuses on developing transferable skills that are integral to teaching English to learners of all ages as well as the specialised skills necessary to teach young learners. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be qualified to teach both adults and young learners.
Graduates who wish to continue their travels and work abroad will gain assistance in navigating the TEFL industry’s job market and finding a teaching post that suits their location and teaching preferences. As participants on our TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL) Program gain a wealth of experience through the vocational nature of the program, our graduates are preferred by employers around the world.


All Student Teachers must possess sufficient educational qualifications to gain entry to higher education (i.e. university or equivalent).
Most applicants are between the ages of 20 and 35. Participants must be 18 years of age by the first day of the program.
Experience working with young learners (particularly in non-traditional teaching environments, such as summer camps, youth groups or outdoor education) is advantageous; however, no prior teaching experience is necessary.

As a rule, EU nationals do not require any special visa to take part in a short-term academic program in another EU country. The academy would provide successful non-EU applicants with the documents required to acquire a student visa (D-Visum) from an Austrian embassy or consulate in their home country read more.

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