Student Teacher Dormitories

After a long day gaining valuable TEFL experience and discovering Austria we understand the importance of a safe and comfortable environment for you to relax, recuperate and socialise in. At the Global English Teaching Academy, we know the last thing you want to worry about during your EFL certification is whether the accommodation you found has any hidden surprises. As a result, we’ve done all the hard work for you and provided Student Teacher dormitories at no extra cost! When we say no extra cost, we mean no extra cost because the accommodation is included in the course fees and there are no extra costs for amenities (gas, water, electricity, internet etc.). So, no extra stress while you learn to teach English abroad.

The accommodations are located across Austria, from the quaint town of Vorchdorf to the bustling city of Vienna, our accommodations are located close to our Campus buildings. While you get TEFL certified, you will also get the opportunity to travel across Austria and experience what the country has to offer. We try to ensure every applicant has the opportunity to visit each of our campuses at least once over the duration of the course.

Vienna, Austria - Hofburg palace and people walking,
fiaker with white horses

There is no need to bring any bedding, duvets and/or pillows as everything is provided.

Our dormitories are equipped with study zones, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms and our welfare team is always on hand to ensure a comfortable living environment for you as you become a certified English teacher.

Teaching English as a second language is a rewarding experience which you will want to share with everyone around you and our communal living environment generates a family atmosphere for you to share your experiences with your fellow ‘teflers’.

Please note: The Global English Teaching Academy cannot house participants until the first day of the course. Course participants arriving before the course start date will be required to organise their own accommodation until the course start date. We require all successful applicants to attend our Orientation day at the Vorchdorf Campus on the first day of the course which is in the district of Gmunden in Upper Austria.


Proud to be more than just a TEFL course, the Global English Teaching Academy has something for everyone. So, what are waiting for!? Join the TEFL revolution and apply today!