Minimum Entry Requirements:

The GET Academy’s TEFL Program requires that candidates must, as a minimum:

  1. be at least 18 years old
  2. hold qualifications which would allow them entry into higher education in their home countries (for example, A-levels or equivalent)
  3. be able to speak English at a native-speaking level (C2 level on the CEFR or IELTS score of 8.5 or above)

An ideal candidate would have a bachelor’s degree (not necessarily in education) and experience working with young learners (particularly experience in non-traditional teaching environments, such as summer camps, youth groups or outdoor education).

Due to the intensive nature of the program, student teachers need to be motivated and have a strong drive to enter into the ELT industry as a teacher. Successful participants must work as a team with all staff, teaching and non-teaching, and value mutual support in the teaching, learning and training environment. They must also show a constructive response to critical feedback and be open to new ideas from tutors and peers.

Additional Assessment Criteria for Entry into the TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL Program:

Level of competence in spoken and written English: While entry to the GET Academy’s TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL) Program requires applicants to speak English at a native-level, further assessment of each candidates competence in spoken and written English is conducted via three methods.  The first method is assessment of the appropriate structuring, formatting and completion of the candidates initial application, including use of spelling and punctuation. The second method is assessment of the candidate’s ability to respond to questions, follow prompts and convey opinions and facts during the first and second interviews.  The third method is assessment the candidates writing ability (structure and organisation of ideas) during the timed hand-written task.

Social and interpersonal skills: Candidates must display the ability to work constructively with fellow student teachers, course staff and students at school.  During the preliminary and academic interview are asked specifically about how they would respond to constructive feedback on their teaching performance, to explain situations in the past where they worked effectively as part of a team, and how they might actively strive to build rapport with colleagues and students.

Resilience and organisational skills: The GET Academy’s TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL) Program requires student teachers to work to deadlines. The program is delivered within the framework of a 3 – 4 month teaching placement and as such is intensive, rigorous and demanding. Candidates will be made aware of the demanding nature of the course during the interview phases and asked to explain situations where they have experienced something similar and how they would deal with the associated challenges.