Admissions Procedure:

During the application process, candidates are required to:

  1. Submit an initial application form

This application form will be used to assess the candidates suitability according to the minimum entry requirements outlined above and conduct an initial assessment of the candidates written English, including spelling and punctuation.

2. Take part in a preliminary interview

This interview will be used to ascertain the candidates suitability for the program based on the additional entry requirements outlined above, as well as provide the candidate with an overview of the nature of the program.  During this interview, an assessment will also be made on the candidates spoken English and classification as a native-speaker of English.

3. Complete a pre-interview task

This is an academic task designed to assess the candidate’s ability to research language and methodology.  This task is referred to during the academic interview whereby the candidate is asked to expand on their answers.

4. Take part in an academic interview

This interview is used to ascertain the candidate’s academic suitability for the course.  During the interview, candidates will be asked to expand on their answers to the pre-interview task and converse in more detail about their current understanding of language teaching and learning.

5. Complete a written task

This task is used to assess the candidates written English, including spelling, punctuation, structure and organisation of ideas. This is a timed, hand-written task.